The Moab Ho-Down Mountain Bike And Film Festival

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Chile Pepper Bike Shop Presents


The 13th Annual Moab Ho-Down Mountain Bike And Film Festival


The Jump Jam will be held right in the sweet bike park that our fundraising efforts have built! Yes!

SAME FORMAT as last year for the JUMP JAM!!! More money for everyone! We will be paying out during the whole jam. If you do something sick, we will call you out and pay you! There will still be 1-5th podium spots.

We would love to see some ladies jumping! Ladies Jump Jam will coincide with the men and all female participants will win a prize. (That doesn’t mean just roll through with no intention to jump and get a prize. We want to encourage any female that may be intimidated to join a jump comp to participate! Don’t abuse the system and roll through to collect…)

Please contact Chile Pepper Bike shop to enter the jam. All participants must sign a liability waiver to participate. Any minors must have a guardian sign for them. If you are under 18 and will be here without your parent it is important that you have them sign a waiver in advance. Please contact us for the waiver.



Jump Jam and Pump Track Results 2015

Jump and Pump Results 2014




Ridiculous Costume Party 2017

Moab Ho-Down Costume Party: Saturday October 28th - 9pm to 1am at the Moab Brewery